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Billinglinks is an agile medical billing company dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient billing solutions for healthcare providers, medical practices, and clinics. With a focus on accuracy, transparency, and maximizing reimbursements, Billinglinks streamlines the billing process, allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate on delivering quality patient care.

A Management Team With
The Experience, Knowledge And Credentials

At Billinglinks, our team is a mosaic of expertise and qualifications necessary for steering a successful medical staffing business. We boast professionals holding Master’s degrees in Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Healthcare Administration, and Business Management, each contributing their unique insights and skills to our collective mission. From understanding the intricacies of healthcare regulations to implementing strategic staffing solutions, our team’s diverse backgrounds and extensive experience ensure that we provide top-tier services tailored to the needs of our clients and the healthcare industry at large.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, our team at Billinglinks combines a passion for healthcare with a deep understanding of operational dynamics. Leveraging our collective expertise, we navigate the complexities of medical staffing with precision and innovation. Whether it’s sourcing top-tier talent, maintaining compliance standards, or fostering enduring client relationships, our team’s dedication and proficiency empower us to deliver exceptional staffing solutions that drive success for both healthcare providers and the communities they serve.


BA in Occupational Health And Scielnce | MSOT

Danielle Bennish | CEO

MA in Occupational Health | MOH

Kohl DeStefanis | COO

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